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Thomas Seilnacht

Basel, 1963

Thomas Seilnacht (*1963, Basel) devotes his paintings to mountainous landscapes, especially when conjoined with the tranquillity of mountain lakes. He creates his paintings with self-produced pigments, preferring the hue of blue, ultramarine. The use of this traditional blue-tone, largely found in traditional fresco and church paintings, gives Seilnacht's mountain landscapes a characteristic luminosity. Painting predominantly in shades of blue, turquoise, and green, his most popular motifs of Swiss mountain landscapes are the Niesen, the Matterhorn, the Säntis, the Piz Bernina, the Weisshorn, and Lake Sils. Seilnacht creates clear areas of contrast between areas richer in colour, while considering the subtle nuances and details creating a near photographic effect. Seilnacht lives and works in Bern.