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About artist
Arnold Ammann
Seon, 1920 — 1991

The artistic work of Arnold Ammann (1920, Seon – 1991, Basel) began in the 1930s with an apprenticeship as a house painter and decorator. He first worked as a painter at the Wisa-Gloria in Lenzburg and later as an assistant at the Stern Pharmacy. Parallel to his job, Ammann devoted much of his free time to painting. Yet, it was not until the age of fifty-five that he decided to work as a freelance artist. His role model during his journey from being a painter by trade to becoming an artist was Rudolf Urech-Seon, who was an artist and member of the artists' group Allianz. It was from him that Ammann accepted the advice to study nature and then to paint in its name. Ammann's artistic oeuvre includes mainly still-life paintings with everyday objects and landscape art. His landscape paintings capture the scenery and regions around his home, Seon. Gloomy, fractured colour-tones dominate his artworks, in which he often added sand to the paint to give his paintings a unique texture.

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