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About artist
Otto Viktor Frölicher
Solothurn, 1840 — 1890

Otto Viktor Frölicher (1840, Solothurn – 1890, Munich) was a Swiss landscape painter and one of the most important German-Swiss representatives of the Paysage intime. Frölicher grew up in Solothurn and Olten, discovering his talent for drawing at a young age. From 1859 onward, he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich to train as a landscape painter under Johann Gottfried Steffan. In 1863, he went to Düsseldorf and studied the mood paintings of Oswald Achenbach. When Frölicher returned to Munich in 1868, he discovered the school of intimate and moody landscapes by Adolf Heinrich Liers. He finally settled in Munich where he began teaching students such as Otto Gampert.
Frölicher was a member of the artists’ group Kassandra and the artists’ society Allotria in Munich. He was also a frequent member of the jury in the Glaspalast exhibitions and chairman of the Swiss Support Association in Munich. Today, together with Johann Adolf Stäbli, Otto Frölicher is regarded as one of the most prolific representatives of the German-Swiss Paysage intime. Unlike their colleagues, the two focused on somber, melancholy landscapes rather than their idyllic and serene counterparts. The depiction of the landscape was to them, comparable to the era of the Romantics, the reflection of the inner landscape of the soul.