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Work Description
About artist
Sabine Hertig
Basel, 1982

In her art, Swiss artist Sabine Hertig (*1982, Basel) interprets the classical medium of collage in a novel way. Fusing scraps of images from newspapers, magazines and books, individual objects, and video frames to create grandiose visual worlds painted over with impasto brushstrokes using oil or acrylic paint. Viewed from a distance, the seemingly unified structures in her works come across as paintings; it is only up close that they dissolve into individual image fragments. For Hertig, the multi-facetted nature of her work reflects the everyday situations of modern mankind, in which various acts are often completed simultaneously. Characteristic of her collages are the subtle hints at movement, which immerses the viewer in the image. The image snippets are glued together along their edges, respecting highlights and shadows in such a way that their interactions are hardly noticeable. Everything, despite prelusive confusion, seems to meld and develops a dynamic spatial depth.

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