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Thomas Röthel
Ansbach, 1969

Thomas Röthel (*1969, Ansbach), after initially training as a wood sculptor, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg with Prof. Johannes P. Hölzinger.
In his works, heavy steel is transformed into filigree and presumably fragile sculptures. They radiate a dynamism and lightness that almost makes one forget the density and sheer heft of the material. Interlocking layers of steel ostensibly defy the innate, rigid material properties, appearing soft and supple.
Röthel's sculptures, specifically the large-format works designated for unconfined spaces, often weighing tons, are without exception, considered massive. His works leave an impressive mark on the foundations to which they are permanently fixed; resting giants, all the while blending harmoniously into their surroundings. Röthel's seemingly playful, yet precise and thoughtful approach to the challenges the choice-of-material steel presents, gives way to an incredibly differentiated surface feel in his diverse series of works; surface textures fluctuating between smooth, rough, velvety, and grainy. As of late, Röthel has been transferring his acquired knowledge of surface manipulation to paper, which also harbours a certain fascination for him. Here, entirely new aspects give rise in his oeuvre, which, when juxtaposed with his steel works, evoke exciting interactions and associations. On account of numerous national and international exhibitions, he has become a highly respected and promising artist. Röthel lives and works near Nuremberg.

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