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About artist
Johann Robert Schürch
Aarau, 1895 — 1941

Johann Robert Schürch (1895, Aarau - 1941, Ascona) lost his father and his two sisters at an early age, which is why he developed a close relationship with his mother. In 1922 he withdrew with her to Monti near Locarno for almost ten years, where they lived largely isolated and in poverty. It was during this time that he found his own expressive style, which he mainly realised in pen and ink drawings. In 1934, Schürch went to Ascona and joined the local artistic circles around Werefkin.

The source of Schürch's inspiration was literary realism, through which he found the protagonists for his pessimistic, visionary-grotesque visual world. As a result, he created crude portraits stylistically close to Neue Sachlichkeit (New Objectivity), but also surrealistic fantasy scenes. A socially critical tone always resonates in his works, pointing out to the grievances of the time.

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